Automated Financial Analytics

Real Data, Real Simple

Whether you are an accounting professional or a business owner, the days of spending hours in Excel trying to create dashboards and reports are over. Just sync Arene with your QuickBooks Online account, or upload an Excel spreadsheet, and watch your data transform into beautiful dashboards and financial reports automatically. Our software engineers have already done the heavy lifting so you can enjoy the benefits of Arene without the need for data mapping or complex formulas.

As business owners and advisers, you deserve to know exactly how your business is doing at all times.

Step 1: Connect your QuickBooks Online account or upload an Excel spreadsheet

Refer to: Connect Accounting data source via QuickBooks Online
Refer to: Connect Accounting data source via MS Excel

Step 2: Watch your data transform into actionable insights automatically

Refer to: Arene Analytics

Step 3: Collaborate with team members and make data-driven business decisions

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