Blockchain-Powered Workspaces

The Blockchain Made Better

Sharing files and managing your team members by email is insecure and inefficient. With Arene, you can exchange documents, assign tasks, and message your team members, all in one secure platform powered by the blockchain. Free of cryptocurrencies, Arene’s immutable audit trail capabilities makes business collaboration easier and more secure than ever before.

File Sharing & Storage

  • Invite others to workspaces to view, upload, and collaborate on documents.

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Refer to: Inviting Collaborators to Workspaces


  • Leveraging our private blockchain, team members can generate a snapshot of a workspace into a Capsule. Each Capsule contains securely encrypted file(s) that once created, can only be opened after Arene verifies its authenticity, and cannot be altered. An encrypted record of the capsule is committed to our private blockchain.
  • You can choose to store Capsules in the high-security Arene Vault.
  • Stay organized and quickly locate files through the use of our file tagging system.

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  • Eliminate “to-do” silos. Assign tasks to yourself and team members. Set due dates so you never miss a deadline again!

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  • All documents, messages, tasks, and actions taken within Arene are encrypted using current best-practice in secure cryptography.

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  • Ditch the legacy, unsecure way of communicating via email. Utilize our secure messaging platform to collaborate with team members, groups, and community resources.

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